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Elf Hill illustration

Posted on Jan 8, 2019 by

Illustration for fairy tale “Elf Hill” by H.C.Andersen. 2018. Procreate

Elf Hill by H.C Andersen (translated by M.R.James)

“At that very moment the Elf Hill opened, and an old Elf maid (she had no back but was otherwise very well got up) came tripping out. She was the old Elf King’s housekeeper, distantly related to the family, and had an amber heart on her forehead. Her legs went twinkling along. Trip! trip! Bless her heart, how she did trip it—right away down into the marsh, to the night-raven.

“You are invited to the Elf Hill, yes, and for to-night,” said she, “but first you’ll do us a very great service, won’t you? Undertake invitations? You can easily manage it, for you’ve no house to look after. We have some very distinguished guests, Troll folk, who are of great importance, and so the old King is going to show himself off.”